Thursday, March 18, 2010

puppies, lambs, and hummingbirds... how cutsie of a title is THAT?!

I am sitting on the couch now with the doggies. Trinket is trying her best to convince me to steal a bone from Shasta for her.  It is still COLD in this house though. Today I think it was warmer outside than in here. The Ark is NOT warm.  I am ready for REAL spring. I am tired of all this blustery cold "in like a lion out like a lamb" crap. I WANT A LAMB. LAMB!!!!!

I'm tired of being cold.  I am also tired of being sad.  Sadly, weather pretty much changes every year. Depression doesn't ALWAYS go away, despite what my med commercials lead me to believe.

But spring is on it's way, I KNOW that.  Even if it is because I am watching the nest of a hummingbird named Phoebe and her 2 eggs via WEBCAM.

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