Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WARNING! WARNING! girly blather ahead!

Sooooo twitterpated. Blame the weather! Blame the BOY! I like Ola, MyNigerian a lot.  But hey, since my mood is usually one of depression and pain, I will take twitterpation (okay, and still pain... what are ya gonna do, right?) any day!

Last night I sort of "broke up" with the BrazilianVampire. Not that we were together but basically told him we just really never would be because we were too different, especially in the importance the church is in our lives, respectively. The part I did not go into is that MyNigerian is the complete opposite of him in all the good ways.  I know there are still similarities that are there... internet boy, from another country and culture... but they don't seem so much of an ISSUE with Ola.  They just seem like, "meh. No biggie." because the rest of everything is so good. *LE SIGH!*

In other news (SEE?! I can think about other things!) one of my best friends is moving TO ENGLAND! Congrats, Mali, but geez.... could you go any further from Utah?  I get nervous every tome Jakey jokes about him and Megs just moving to TEXAS! (I seriously would probably have to follow them.  I can just see it. "Yes, this is our first house... And this is my wife's crazy cousin who lives in our basement because she she can't let go of Meg's ankle."  On the bright side I DO know it is legal to own a Capybara* in Texas which would make things much more cheerful!

*This computer's spell check didn't recognize CAPYBARA! (lucky thing *I* know how to spell it.)  My 2nd favorite animal, the largest living rodent, and it doesn't even KNOW THE WORD. I feel highly insulted. Bill Gates, a pox on you and your capy-hating ways!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the personal shout-out/congrats there Kip! I really appreciate it. And no, I don't imagine I could move further than Utah than England unless I end up in Australia or New Zealand at some point. I doubt it'll ever happen but *shrugs* I don't think I ever thought I'd move to England. Weeeee!