Sunday, May 4, 2008

Only in Utah...

could work cause me a sunburn on my front and frostbite on my back!

Okay, fine, so I got the frostbite from the icepack. The icepack I used for my horribly sore back after work and lifting kids off and on ponies, including the world's HEAVIEST 4 year old. I don't mean FAT, either. This kid looked normal, but it was like the child was made of lead! Or solid hydrogen. Or Osmium. Like when Jack Jack is getting kidnapped by Buddy in The Incredibles and turns into metal during his tantrum.

So, no, when the icepack started to NUMB my back, I didn't mind. I wanted to cry, I was hurting so bad! But then, when I tried to MOVE the cold pack, it was STUCK... like a tongue to a flagpole. ("I Double Dog Dare you!" Ehu, that's for you. Heh heh!) It hurt to pull it off, but then things got much worse. Because I realized it was... weird. Kind of whitish? And... frozen hard? I got scared. Wrapped up in a blanket... put it against my back to warm it up asap. It was an hour and it was warm again, but my back was still... bad. Looked like a burn. A really REALLY bad burn. In fact, it looked like someone had pressed an IRON onto my back.

It was NOT good. I showed the padres and they confirmed what I thought... frostbite. Pretty serious. My skin is blistering and puffy and, yeah, I am not well. At least they aren't going to, like, cut off my toes.

Because that would be a little weird since it's not my toes that were frozen. It's just usually digits that get it. hee hee!

SO, in conclusion I am on heavy pain meds, spending all my time miserable, laying on my stomach, and topless. I KNOW that's disturbing... try not to imagine it too much. hee hee hee!

Geez... look what my blog has sunk to!

Blatant Narcotic use!

Rampant nudity!

I should TOTALLY get famous now. ;O) hee hee!


  1. Any 14 year olds who stole their parent's credit cards call you yet?

  2. Dang girl! You need a vacation it sounds like. I'll see if I can find a deal at a topless beach for ya :-P

  3. oh my goodness ... if steph hadn't already told me about the frostbite, i'd be freaking out even more ... those solid kids are dang hard to pick up. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Aw :( lol, that sounds so bad :( I'm so sorry! Don't do that again! haha... next time, put cloth between you and the ice!

  5. We should start a nude beach out at the great salt lake.

  6. I didn't even know you could get frostbite like that. I mean ya, it makes sense but ouch... I'm so sorry!!!