Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, so, check this out. The Host VIDEOS! I didn't make these. Nor am I in them.

But I DID hang that pirate flag in our office window!

Why? Umm... Because I was bored.

And I like Pirates. And the Education department of TGP are sort of like pirates... the rest of the company tends to hate us, we are all over their territory, we say Arrrgh...

We are the Pirates of Education!
We won't stay in our place we roam around
and if you if ask us to do anything!
We'll just tell you...
Ask Rinny because that's prob'bly not Educaaation!

I freaking Love my Job.

Oh, AND, somebody totally got a clip of Ginger's trick on YouTube!!!

The funny thing, is the voice is familiar... I think it was a dad filming DURING the same field trip I took that last picture of her! Not that she hasn't done it many times, but I am still pretty sure I am JUST off to the right of this little video talking to his kindergartner about Nubians, Pygmies, and Boers. HA!

And really, who knew how many of videos of TGP, by the way? Granted most are Concerts (a couple of those I WAS at because they were from the Jamboree) or Little Bobby on the Ponies or something but still, kinda fun going, "HEY! I know that Donkey!" or whatever. Maybe that's just cuz I am a dork... and think of the animals as my coworkers. hee hee! "Yeah, I know her. Her name's Daisy and she's 15 years old... She's a Jersey Cow. Nice gal. Gives us a couple gallons of milk everyday."

Anywhooo... on with life...


  1. I am often, OFTEN!!!!, envious of you job, I just wanted you to know!

  2. PS Will any of those cute animals eat some pink mums... just wondering....

  3. as far as I am aware, the petals are safe to feed to goats, cows, bunnies, pigs, etc, yeah.