Sunday, May 25, 2008

Consider the Zombies

FINALLY, BoyKid was able to call the fam! It was so great to hear from him. He told very funny stories (including one guy who said he preferred churches that prayed "AGGRESSIVELY" and they were pretty scared about what that might mean. (Personally, I pictured something like this.) Hee hee!) and as usual just blew me away with his freaking RIGHTEOUSNESS. SERIOUSLY, he is just. so. GOOD. It's kind of creepy! Where did all this celestivity come from anyway? And it's not SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, either, like, umm, other often very churchy siblings I have can be. He is still funny and nice and awesome! AND perfect. How the heck did THAT happen? And how is it that after being such a bratty little child who I could hardly stand as a baby, I actually LIKE my brother? That I like hanging out with him? That he has become my FRIEND that I would like even if we weren't related? CRAZY! Who LIKES their little brother? But mine freaking ROCKS! Man, I miss him!

I should actually WRITE him on occasion, I suppose. hee hee! I have been sucking at that as of late.

In other news, I reorganized my blog a little and am working on a little clarification post. But one of the things I did was change the post topic list from alphabetical to Frequency of Mentioning. It made me discover a few things.
Like that I seem freaking OBSESSED with Fresno.
And that this Blog is mostly about Depression.
And that I need to talk more about Zombies. I would hate to slight zombies, you know.

Yesterday I went with my mom to Sandy and she went to the Cemetary to put mums on Grandma's and Grandpa's graves for Memorial Day and dropped me off at Jake and Megs. YAY!!! I so *heart* Megs! Jakey too. He is one of my favorite husbands. (you know... hubby of my friends, hubbys, in general. Not of MINE. As I don't HAVE one.) They were making me giggle lots. They told me funny stories about the boys, too. Oh, and T-La now has a BLOG, so now I am going to read about those crazy kids, too! Because I love those kiddlets!

I have missed Megan! The coolest thing, though, is that the Moms are trying to organize a little plan (mostly, I think, to keep watch over their troubled daughters... ie: me and Megs) where once a month we ALL... Mom, Padre, Rinny, Me, Megs, Jakey, T-La, Les, Gabe, Caleb, Eli, Aunt Clare, and Uncle Lynn... have Sunday dinner together! YAY! I think it's a very good plan. Just because it means seeing Megs and the little boys at least once a month. Good plan! Wheee!

So, I have to admit it is not just the blog reorganization that brings up Fresno in my mind. That happens more than I am comfortable with. My brain sucks. Grrr. Anyway, the thing is his birthday is the first, and I remembered that recently and wanted to kick myself for even knowing that anymore, you know? Plus, it's hard not to feel old when most of my friends are suddenly expecting their 2nd or 3rd child and my cousin's KIDS are having bridal showers. And pretty much the extent of my talking to that are not married dads taking kids to our classes at the museum are the parade of semi-literate Nigerians that won't stop senselessly falling for me me on SS (which, btw, is For Sale! Anybody COOL (and rich?Like a Thousand-aire?!) wanna buy a dating site that used to be my main social life?). At least they write me gems like this:

"You’re as beautiful as an angel in the sky. I can imagine how pretty and gorgeous you were in your flower age."

Whiskey Tango... I AM ONLY 29! How long ago WAS my Flower Age anyway?

I AM writing regularly to a hilarious intelligent literate non-Nigerian on OKCupid. Mostly about things like Underoos, tinfoil hats, and putting the Ninja Turtles on the endangered species list. THAT is some funny stuff. Very funny boy. Too bad he's not also very Mormon. (As in, well, he ISN'T Mormon.). hee hee. Ah well, such is life.

Anyway, it's nice to have funny people to talk to when I actually DO. Mostly, lately I am either at work writing curriculum for our upcoming day camps or playing with goats or at a doctor's appointment, or laying down in a dark room, doped up, and wishing my head would just DISAPPEAR. Sure, I'd look a little funny decapitated but not having a headache might be worth it.

Umm... Zombies!


  1. SS for sale? WTH? wild. Good for Randy.

    I used to be very close with my little brother. Yep, he was a PITA growing up, but we grew very close. And I have two brothers who are really good, righteous men who are still funny and not self-righteous (little bro being one of them).

    I consider myself and you to be among the lucky ones blessed with brothers like that. So glad you got to talk with him!

  2. so the Boy and I have actually been talking a LOT about how to come up with the money to buy the site and completely overhaul it....

  3. Glad to hear your brother is doing well. Mine still drives me nuts once in awhile (glad we're 1800 miles apart), but I still call him almost every day so we can laugh about things that only the two of us find funny.