Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I got tagged... but just kept on running...

Yeah. Missed this. Woops?


(Not necessarily in this order... though not necessarily not in this order either... just to keep ya guessin'!

1. Spell check through Firefox. If makes me look smarter than my own brain might do (For instance, on words that I have struggled with forever... like "necessarily"... for instance.)
(more cat pictures?)

2. Water Aerobics with my mom. Because some days it is the only time I actually feel able to MOVE.

3. New baby goats at work. Just freaking adorable.

4. Cute with Chris. Adorable animals. Sarcastic hilarious commentary via video. Cute guy. Win+win+win.

5. Watching my sugar gliders turn on wild hunter mode to stalk live crickets (a rare treat. Mine usually just get mealworms) in the reptarium. They swished their tails like little cats and lept at them and Lilo was a lazy butt and just tried to steal Heber's kill every time he got one but they just cracked me up the whole time. Made me glad I was a lot bigger than them though. My babies are darling and beautiful... but it reminded me they are also ferocious and anything but domesticated!

6. Fun books to read, either curled up in bed, on a swing, or in the tub (don't worry, Public Library! 1. I ONLY do this with my OWN books and 2. I have never dropped one anyway!). Right now it's The Host. And yes, I like it.

7. My new glasses. They are Transitions and while they may look weird and scare the kindergartners ("How did you do that?" "Do what?" "Make sunglasses!") They help not to trigger so many Migraines because a lot were triggered by changes from dark to light as I go from the classroom out to the farm. Not that all of my headaches are gone, but at least a FEW of them are lessened! YAY!

8. My brother. I miss him but just seeing his stuff, like looking at his room or whatever, totally makes me smile. Because he rocks and his letters are awesome. I am very lucky to be in possession of one of the few BoyKids who actually writes decent letters!

9. I went upstairs yesterday to find my mom watching the new Weezer video, like just watching it by herself.

Then she turns to me and says, "okay, so, I want to get ALL the jokes. Can you find all the links?" I told her that a lot of them she would NOT find funny, that some of them swore a lot, etc, but she insisted. So we sat there for HOURS watching the kid tell us to leave Brittney Spears alone (and then Seth Green to leave Chris Crocker alone which was freaking hilarious. I *heart* Seth Green), Kelly shop for shoes, the Star Wars kid, the Sneezing Panda, the dramatic prairie dog, etc. I basically watched EVERYTHING "important" on YouTube with my MOM. Some I had sent her before, of course, but yeah. It was so Bizzare. And my mom is the coolest.

10. People who value inteligence (and entertainment value) over waist size.


  1. Great pics :) And I had a good chuckle about your mom and the YouTube thing, too. Did you watch "Chocolate Rain"?

  2. YES, and even though I told her "Umm, really he just continues like this, Mom. The whole thing. We don't have to keep watching this. He never gets UNWEIRD." SHE HAD TO WATCH THE WHOLE THING. So I had his creepy voice popping in my head all night.

  3. ok, I love that song and that my be my most FAVORITE Music Video ever... that's really super awesome!!

    And your mom rocks. :)

  4. Yeah, I was wondering if you ever saw the tag. Kaje tagged Steph, so I figured I could tag you. heheheh.

    Oooo, swimming pools! Sunglasses! Those are both awesome things. I got in our pool yesterday ... heaven, I'm telling you.

    I read in the tub too -- but also not public library books. Just my own.

    Your mom cracks me up. Wheeeeeeee!

  5. personally, I'm a fan of napping in the tub...

  6. DUDE! That was awesome! I love that video! I can't believe your mom was watching it and wanting to watch the background youtubes.

    Oooh oooh, I want to see your new glasses!!

  7. Yes! So you saw Shoes! I hope that included Muffins as well...

  8. Silly! YOU showed me both Shoes AND Muffins. YOU!

  9. YEAH! I need to see the new glasses too... lol