Monday, May 12, 2008

Crappy Mother's Day! (NOT a day for Crappy Mothers)

I have been watching "our" deer more lately and trying to find the ones I knew from before. After this particularly brutal winter, our herd is back down to around 8. And I got some pics of ALL of them in the backyard together! So many we knew from before died... died in our own yard, actually. But at least one of the ones with the very wounded back legs survived. NOT the one with the horrible leg, but the other gimpy mom with her baby, and she and her baby made it through the winter... both are very fluffy (and walk with a limp.) I have named the baby, who was born very late in the season, and thus looks rather young despite having gone through a winter already, Sydney, because she looks like a little Wallaby or Kangaroo out there! She is very bold and keeps sitting right on our porch, as does her mom, Kanga. Or she WAS anyway.

A few days after this photo shoot I noticed Sydney alone for a whole day, much to close to our house, and that isn't normal for her with out mama. And the same day I am afraid I saw a very fluffy doe killed on our street. I think she is orphaned.

Sydney is weaned and SHOULD do okay, physically... but you can see from the pictures she is still really dependent on her mother and I am worried for her. The only other female fawn yet is much older than her and practically looks like one of the adults, and then I think there is that ones twin that also survived who has little nubbies of antlers coming in and is humping everything he can reach. Yay for boys. :OP So She really is alone in her group, too. I hope she makes it.

They are not pets. They don't KNOW their names, nor do I touch them, or feed them... but I still worry for them and watch them. They are "our" deer because they claimed our yard. We don't invite them (though they sure LOVE to eat my mom's petunias and apples and tulip bulbs), but with out Cassie telling them to get out, this is their home, and until the Padre's move, I suspect it will stay that way. And I will NOT let anyone hurt them here. (Including Padre who calls them "our Walking Food Storage." But HE knows, too, he can't REALLY.)

Anyway, at least it's been pretty weather for a change. Except right now (bed time, Mother's day [Translation, not really Mother's Day anymore and I will not admit how late/early it really is but I should really get off this thing and go to bed because I am going to try very very hard to go to work tomorrow come hook or by crook or by hellish migraine.]) it sounds rather stormy out there. Hmmm... I guess we will see.

I will tell you about Mother's Day and how much it SUCKED later. Like as in the day time hours when I SHOULD be up instead of being up with the wind and sugar gliders... and probably, like, vampires or something. Or, well, OTHER insomniacs.

GOOD FREAKING NIGHT. Today was bad. Praying tomorrow is 4,000 times better. But I would settle with, like, 4 times better at this point. Yeah. SIGH. Night.

That Sunday I woke up with an especially vicious migraine. I felt so sick, and like my head might split in half. I crawled to the bathroom and decided that since I felt like I was an inches from tossing my cookies this might be a really good time to try out the new mysterious Spray-in-the-Nose migraine stuff, Migranal, from the new Neurologist, Dr. FTW. But MATL. That's what it's supposed to be extra good for is the ones with nausea because it never has to go in your stomach. Well, I don't know if it just did NOT work for me, like the side effects or something, or if it was just the psychological yuckiness of squirting something in my nose, but let's just say it did NOT work and for half an hour I was hugging porcelain. AND it didn't get rid of the migraine either. And yeah, BAD day. It was like that ALL day.

But THIS Sunday wasn't just any Sunday, it was MOTHER'S DAY! Which, for the families of Mormon Missionaries, is one of the 2 phone calls a year they get to make home. USUALLY. Except that the day before, BoyKid's mission President called us from Italy (thus scaring us to death and causing us each to hold our breath and cry because he could not say "everything is fine" fast enough) to say baby brother would NOT be able to call because he'd be on a train to help with some other missionary's companion. SOmething like that. He wouldn't give us details, it being a private issue of the OTHER elder. But, it's what he needs to do, I guess. He is District Leader, after all.

So, we haven't got to talk to him yet. I miss him SO MUCH! We get to talk to him NEXT week, hopefully. I just want to hear him say STUFF. Anything. The kid is funny. Smart. The greatest little bro EVAH!

Anyway, so, yeah, I have a NEW Neurologist which is a very good thing. If I ever really SAW the ACTUAL neurologist that would be one thing, but I never do. I see her PA who prescribes me the meds that have given me ulcers, made me hallucinate, and just not HELPED in general. I do NOT trust her one bit. So Dr. FTW, who DOES know meds, is a good thing. She has taken me OFF several pills (YAY!) and given me some different headache ones to try. That Migranal, Axert (which *has* really helped a couple times so far!), and some others. But she is also concerned about how my Sleep Test before told me I had "a little, very mild, Sleep Apnea." She said "it's like saying, 'I'm a little pregnant' you're either you are or you aren't."

She also wants to reevaluate my lesions in my brain and stuff. So *SIGH* back to the tests. BLEH. But, hey... maybe this time I will get more conclusive answers?


  1. Dude, I still can't believe your kid brother's on a mission! Seriously!

  2. Seriously, some of those migraine meds just make you hurl. Frova did that to me. Not excited to try anything else once the baby is here.

    I'm sorry you have been feeling crappy and the deer is an orphan ... BOOOOO!

  3. HEY BA!! I was thinkin' about you today! I hope y'all got the call from your bro today!