Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Kill what You are Inside You"

I don't have any for sure cures, but for a change, I HAVE HOPE!

First of all, my stupid side pain. Well, I was getting injections, but they really stopped working. So, even though he isn't covered by my crappy insurance, we decided to go back to Dr. YeahBaby, who helped my head so much. And Dr. YeahBaby had a NEW idea, one that DIDN'T involve sugar-raising steroids. We are going to try to give my nerve FROSTBITE and KILL IT! REALLY! Use a "Cryo"-probe and maybe it will kill it for forever, or maybe it will grow back, but either way, IF they can get the nerve... yeah. HOPE.

Also, 2 pills that haven't been helping have been taken OUT of my massive daily collection... and 2 have been added. Because when I was at the Neurologist's yesterday we talked about what Dr. Apparently said about Fibromyalgia. Well, after asking some questions and doing those mean touch you all over to see if it hurts test (umm, yes, YES it does), she determined that in her opinion I DEFINITELY have Fibromyalgia. So, now I am taking Cymbalta and Lyrica. Maybe this will be a really good thing. Those are what Dr. Apparently wants me on anyway, Celexa sure isn't cutting it. So we shall see.

So, while everything is still rather an experiment, this could be good. I hope I hope I hope.

Other than that, I have been really frustrated with my dumb dumb dumb Depression. And doctors EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. I am cheering myself up by watching every past episode of Cute with Chris. I freaking LOVE that show (but, a warning, it is definitely at least PG-13, so expect swearing. And a plastic horse named Pervy. Not for everyone.)

An example... of the more G to PG variety:

hee hee hee!

ANYWAY, in other news...

*I finally wrote an article for Thai's brilliant website The Hip Homemaker. You should check out her, like, WHOLE site if you are homemaker-ish.

*I haven't got to play with LeslieKay yet, but we did add each other on Facebook.

*Our sweet Deafie baby boy Jordan has been fixed and adopted. I would just like to say that the Utah Animal Adoption Center that took over Wasatch Humane is a GOOD place. Though, I admit part of me wishes he could be MINE. I am a bad foster mom... I really just want to keep EVERYTHING. hee hee!

*I hate being a girl. A lot. BLEH. *I'm gonna take a bath and go to bed. Okay that's not exactly news. Whatever. Hee hee! Goodnight, Homies.


  1. Hugs Kip. I sure hope Dr. Yeah Baby can get you all fixed up. Even if he has to kill what you are inside you.

  2. I hope the new meds help. As a fellow fibro sufferer I would like to make a suggestion that was made to me by a doctor. Pay attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel. Also getting on a regular schedule (if you can) of sleep works worlds of wonders. The last thing is that even though it hurts to exercise do it, but gently and don't over exert yourself aim for 30 minutes 6 days a week. There is this great book that you can get called The Fibromyalgia Advocate

  3. I don't know if you know, one of our buddies, Travis, overcame fibromyalgia, or at least figured out how to manage it super well. But I know that those who have it... oh man, it's the worst. You're totally in my thoughts... all. the. time.

  4. What a cute dog! I want one! Glad that things seem to be getting somewhere...

    "I'd be a lot less afraid of it if I knew what it was called." "Let's call it Steve!"

  5. Dr. Vaugh Johnson in Orem. Try him out. He does natural hormone stuff.