Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Amy, Connie, and Jordan... when it rains it pours.

Wow. Okay, so I have been more than a little busy trying to help out some people... and critters. You better watch out. Bad things happen to my friends. You remember my friend, Amy and her hubby Dave? Well, MORE tragedy has struck my Indiana glider friends. My friend Cee's house BURNED DOWN! CHRISTMAS EVE! She and her hubby got out with all her gliders (they jumped into their pouches when she yelled, thank goodness!) and her grown daughter with kids who were living with them were away for the holidays, so everyone got out safe... but the house TOTALED. Anyway, I don't have much of the family stuff they need (they are living in a motel with the gliders in rubbermaid bins!), but I JUST won a raffle (to benefit Amy and Dave! HA!) and I am going to pick out a few things MY suggies need and send the rest to Cee! GOOD TIMING, huh?!

Anyway, if you could keep Connie Small (Cee's real name) and family and Amy and Dave in your prayers, okay?

And then there is thefurrier, but closer-to-home problem. So, you may remember that the Roomie and I do rescue/rehab/rehoming for various animals. We have had the feral cat, various wild birds, etc. But mostly, even though we HAVE 2 dogs, we foster dogs about to be euthanized and try to place them after getting them healthy.

A while ago we had Suzie, who had been badly abused including being set on FIRE. She is doing very well in her new home in Illinois with an older lady who understands were need for a slow, gentle life.

Then we had Tootsie. She was a malnourished and abused Weimaraner. After vet visits and a lot of prayers and adjustments she still did not make it and died.

Well, now we have a little border collie pup who I am calling Jordan... after I. King Jordan, first deaf president of Gallaudet. Because, yup, Jordan is completely deaf. Very smart, though. He is only 7 weeks old and already he has got down the fetching and bring it BACK, AND he is doing very well with the signs POTTY and STOP. He is just darling. We are looking to place him with a rescue group that especially handles Deafies.

I WISH I COULD KEEP HIM. I have fallen SO in love.

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  1. Man...I hear about the new critters at the ark and I just get so jealous. Sure you only have some of them for a short time but...*sniffles* I want a dog.

    I hope Jordan gets placed well, sounds darling!