Sunday, January 13, 2008

Inactives Can't be Choosers...

but I still wish someone had told me what the new meeting time was.

I know it's a new year but it didn't occur to me that this ward might change (unlike other singles' wards I've been in lately) until I went to church today and saw way too many cars in the lot... and FAMILIES walking in the hall. Yup. Checked at the library and they said "my" ward now met 5 hours earlier.

I HAVE been thinking about going with my fam to their ward. The past while, when I have been up to sitting through church I have often needed a RIDE anyway... thus going with my family to their church. May as well make it official.

I just wish someone had told me.

Instead I went to some random ward that was in my chapel at the same time I usually go. It was fine... I'm just... having a hard time. In a multitude of ways.


  1. 5 HOURS EARLIER?!?!! What time does it start??? Uh, I think I'd have no problem attending a family ward if my own ward started "5 hours earlier".

  2. lol. I'm sorry Kip. I made sure I went to church for a month just so I'd find out when it changed. It's at a time now that isn't so good for this pregnant lady; made it last week, not this week. Owell.

    Hugs. Hope you're doing okay.

  3. I have done that before... or the one time when I was living in Florida and family came to visit. We headed to church only to find out it was Stake Conf. and I hadn't a clue.... :-(