Sunday, November 29, 2009

in project mode

So guess what? I have a church calling for the first time in over a year at least. I am Relief Society "Publicity." So I need to make a poster for their Christmas Party this week, plus the door hanger invite thingies with rubber bands. I know it's just a small thing... flyers, posters, a few meetings... but I am nervous to have a calling again. I know that's weird. *sigh*

The other project on my mind is being totally ready for my first OFFICIAL Critters 2 Go show this month! Sure, I have shown off pets to classes before for work, and to my family, but this is the first time it will officially be under the Critters 2 Go heading. The name, the whole show I have worked up, the outfit, etc. I am trying to get the passports I give out to each child all written up and made now.


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