Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and the Boob Blanket

BoyKid and I went to UCMT for their 2 for 1 massage special. BoyKid has never gotten a massage before and sadly didn't love it. But mine was very helpful. A lot of good massage therapists come out of there, though... Thai, Ehu, apparently The Irish, too, who we saw after. She ran up to me and hugged me and said "Why didn't you request me?!"
"I forgot you were going here! Sorry?"

Anyway, it was probably good for my sore muscles. Fibro is doing a number on me.

Also, BoyKid bought a blanket. He was all excited because it's the size of his room and, as the package says "extremely soft and supple." I told him I have never heard the word SUPPLE used in relation to anything but BOOBS. I said it was a Boob Blanket and he was mad at me, which was pretty funny. Yes siblings are awesome, I know. hee hee!

My FAMILY is awesome. I loved Thanksgiving. Even though I ate (not like turkey or anything, just "allowed" Gastroparesis things like the sweet potatoes and rolls) and therefore HURT a LOT, it was so much fun to see everyone. I love my cousins! Megs and Jake came, T-La and Lester and their little boys, Aunt Claire and Uncle Lynne, and Uncle Pat. Aunt Shy and her partner couldn't come this year as they were going to her family's house. But it was super fun.


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  1. i need a massage ... how fun! btw, i type "supple" a lot -- docs always use it to describe the neck exam. "soft and supple." yeahhhh...