Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my brain... in the family way

no, not THAT. Heh heh. That'd be pretty tricky minus the sex. Makes me think of Glee, though, and how she was faking with that baby bump. (WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?! HE KNOWS!!!)

I am just thinking about family right now. Part of this is because I am attempting to cobble together a more complete family tree for a project via Facebook's and's combined.

Part is because Megs texted me her hubby was very sick and I am worried about him. Megs is my bestfriend and cousin and Jake is easily among my favorite cousins-in-law. He is a great guy. I am praying for things to go well, but I hate any time anyone is in the hospital.

I know that feeling.

*I* am in the hospital enough. Tonight I am on heavy meds as I am hurting badly. I don't want ANYONE I love to feel like this. Not ever.

I want to know my cousins more... and my cousins' kids and all of the various relations. I want to KNOW my family better than I do. I feel THAT more keenly than any pull to know my ancestors. I mean, they are alive. They have lives and needs NOW. I want to have them as friends. Facebook helps. But I need to learn more. And actually freaking remember who is who.


  1. I completely understand your idea of learning about the people in your family who are alive now. It isn't that I don't want to do genealogy for the purpose of temple work, but the idea of finding my family who are here now is really compelling.

  2. So sorry you and Jake have been in the hospickle. Get better soon!

  3. dude! i can't find the link to become one of your cult followers. ;)

    love: Tamara aka lady_arndt