Thursday, November 26, 2009


This Year I am Thankful for...

Jack's little gecko smile


my mom surviving her stroke

Muppets singing Bohemian Rapsody

my Blackberry and the awesomeness of checking email in line at Walmart

effective sleeping medicine

the blessings of taking the Sacrament


BoyKid's guitar and him to play it for me

my cute little tree frogs and long tailed grass lizard

reusable grocery bags

the idea to start Critters 2 Go

finding a nice wagon at DI

my aunts, uncles, cousins.... and those semi-relatives like ex-uncles and ex-aunts who are still part of things and aunt's lesbian partners and coiusins' awesome spouses, etc.

Brazilian Cheese Roll mix from Sunflower Markets

the distraction of boys even if they are only sort of "practice" relationships, since they are so far away... Brazil and Spain.

the chance to tend the puppy, Ratchet

Ratchet finding a real, forever home

my hilarious sugar gliders and their antics every night

being able to help educate people about gliders via Twitter

my Cali Cat coming back and being friends again even after betraying her by holding a puppy right in front of her!

SNL skit about Lawrence Welk

"Artctic Shatter" PowerAde

The Living Planet Aquarium

G2 Gel Pens

Nice Weather!

Holy Tea

Perry Mason

knowing how to raise my own mealworms so that the shortage did not affect my animals.

Visiting Teachers

audio books

a little motivation to work on my portfolio so that I would start drawing, painting, and doing other art again.

a room with a window

REXANO people

Sugar Glider People

Russian Tortoise People

Medicaid accepting me again

Friends who've known me for more than 5 years and are still friends

baby toys from Big Lots

my Job!


a New-to-me Computer

this day. :)


  1. I love your list! I am grateful for YOU and the amazing person you are. I love you!

  2. I have to echo the previous comment -- I LOVE your list. It is so amazing to see all the things we have been blessed with when we stop to think about it.

    You're wonderful!!