Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pajama Church notes again

Basically these (because of this) continued. Notes. Thoughts (even random ones that I felt like writing down). Etc. with all who spoke today.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, 2nd Counselor

"He went about doing good" applies to both Christ AND President Monson.

Faith of our Fathers... "The Faith of our Father in HEAVEN has been consistent since the begining of time" -Pres. Uchtdorf

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, the new member of the 12

Oooh he seems a very intelligent and verbose speaker... though not quite as big of a fan of alliteration as the late and very awesome Elder Maxwell. Still, I like it. Elder Maxwell and his hilarious intelligence was one of my favorites. I was SO sad when he died. It is hard to see things change, even though the WORK, the pattern, never does.

Remarkable not typical! Being born again, a true spiritual rebirth, is more a process than an event.

Sheldon F. Child, of the 70

I admit, even with all my 4-H work at work I still can't really understand how those kids can raise a baby animal like a pet, then sell it to be killed. I understand selling animals for food, I am not a full vegetarian (yet)... but not after raising them in such an intimate way. I couldn't do that. Anyway, tangent.

Ugh. I hate breadfruit. Though if you NEEDED it for your family, that is still cool. I'm just saying...

" will be blessed in dollars and cents. You will be able to pay your debts." You can't get much more clear than that, can you? PAY YOUR TITHING.

Susan W. Tanner, just released as the YW President

Delight in the things of the Lord

Boyd K. Packer, President of the 12

Good tie... a positive tie, AND a power tie. nice. ANYWHO...

"These are the dead apostles... we are the living apostles." Wow.

"My life is like my shoes... to be worn out in
- President Spencer W. Kimball

President Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

It is a good thing to remember that the decisions made in the Temple after President Hinckley's death and the Solemn Assembly yesterday were connected. WE were pledging our OWN devotion to those divinely directed choices of the prophets.

Jeffrey R. Holland, of the 12

We are Christian!

The Bible is true and holy... but is NOT the answer to everything.

The Bible is NOT what makes one a Christian... scriptures POINT to God, they are NOT God.

Elder David A. Bednar, of the 12

Ask in Faith... to ask with intent to ACT

Meaningful Prayer Requires Holy Communication and Consecrated Work!

Praying for missionary opportunities... and NOT expecting the full-time missionaries to do OUR work ("They are full-time TEACHERS, we are full-time FINDERS!")

Elder W. Craig Zwick, of the 70

"Do we recognize temptation when it's so well camouflaged?"

Paul said not to be MEN-PLEASERS!

Robert S. Steuer, of the 70

How to get Light inside you
1. learn true doctrine
2. gain pure testimony
3. live courageously

The Light of Christ!

Elder Dennis Nuenshwander, of the 7o

"the crowd came to see... but the woman came to be healed"

Elder Lance B. Wickman, of the 70

Ummm... was that a joke at the beginning? If so, nobody laughed. If not (or if so) I didn't get it at all. Huh.

Okay... not a joke.

Yeah. Um.

Craig C. Christensen, of the 70

The Book of Mormon is a book with a promise

M. Russell Ballard, of the 12

Do not OVER SCHEDULE your kids!

It is hard because, like he says he hopes none of us women, married or not doubt our value in the church... and yet, the family is central to the church. That's awfully hard to balance sometimes, you know? It's like, you are valuable... sort of. I know that's NOT how things are meant at ALL. But sometimes that's how it feels.

President Thomas S. Monson

Just... random information off the top of his head, it seems. Good stuff, but random. But it is somehow good to see him not always so polished (and not ALWAYS about widows. hee hee!)


  1. Yeah, I wasn't too sure about Elder Wickman's 'joke'--I felt like I was trying to solve the "One train leaves at 9:am..." equation.

    I love Pres. Monson. I loved his talk. I loved ALLLLLL the talks this weekend. Wasn't it all so great?! I can't wait to get my Ensign!

  2. Man, leave it to Elder Holland to 'stick it to 'em' as it were. TOTALLY love that about him. And Uchtdorf's was just saying things in a whole new way to make it stick.

  3. You did way better than me. I fell asleep during the first 3 sessions ... and my BIL and his niece (his sister's daughter) talked through parts of the one I didn't sleep through. BAH. Can't wait for the Ensign to come out because I need to read them apparently.

    Loved Pres Monson's: "Dear Children, Please don't let Daddy touch the microwave, or the oven, or the stove, or the dishwasher, or the dryer. *pause* I'd be embarrassed to add to that list."

    Okay, so that is not spiritual at all, just hilarious. But I loved Elder Ballard's talk (did hear that one) and Elder Bednar's talk on prayer. awwww.