Saturday, April 5, 2008

Conference Weekend... When Saturdays feel like Sundays and Sundays feel like Saturdays

In case you didn't know (and thus are probably NOT Mormon) this weekend is kinda special... churchy-wise, because I AM a Mormon. I struggle sometimes, but that part of me, well, yeah, that part I am sure of. I am LDS. A sometimes messed up one, but definitely LDS. And this weekend, as I shared on my other more religious blog, "Small Plates," is our General Conference.

Since I am (as usual) at the computer I thought I would take a few notes right where I am. And, thus, my barely comprehensible literary doodles are blogged here for your own perusal.

Saturday Notes:

I LOVED the first part... the Solemn Assembly. (I raised my hand the wrong time the first time, though... did you?) I DO sustain our leaders. I know they are called of God.

I loved Elder Wirthlin sitting and talking about not needing to be a piccolos. Because it is hard sometimes to not be a piccolo.

And Eld-I mean-President Eyering's whole awesome talk. So positive. Reminded me, at least in TONE, of President Hinckley's happiness. And that made me happy.

OPENING our Hearts. Because He takes things UNTO and not INTO our Heart.

I am thinking about sending Elder Richard G. Scott's talk on sexual abuse to Megs when it comes out in text. But is it tender ENOUGH? I do not know.

More notes to come, well, tomorrow. On Sunday.

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  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED ALL OF IT!! Its been a while since I've truly enjoyed every minute of conference---to the point of "I just can't get enough of this!". I'm so excited for tomorrow!

    But can I just I really missed Pres. Hinckley. It really hit home today, for me. I miss his voice, his gentle grandfatherly smile, the wave of his cane and his "Hinckley chop".

    I loved the sustaining part today. Wow, I truly feel like I sustain Pres. Monson whole heartedly.