Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the Wake of "Almost 30"

9 things I did this week SO FAR...

1. helped vaccinate a goat. Poor Ambrosia rather hates me right now. (Goats hold grudges!) But it is for her own good, I swear!
2. risked my job for a raccoon in a trap (Yeah, sorry, I know they are a menace, but they should only have to stay in the trap for only so long with out food and water before a humane trap becomes very very CRUEL. So yeah. Please don't tell on me.)
3. finally saw Stardust (and love love loved it! Especially loved that the "mouse" was really a sugar glider.

And loved the lightning fishermen. HILARIOUS.)
4. shot off Alka-seltzer rockets with 13 little boys and 1 little girl and 2 went so high they landed on the roof of the barn! (I *heart* Steve Spangler so much!)
5. FOUND a "Wild" BookCrossing book! I am going to read it and release it again!
6. wrote my baby bro in Italy. 's'been awhile. Sorry, BoyKid.
7. made butterfly keychains with a teacher interested in taking her kids to the Garden for our newest field trips... who turned out to be a HOME SCHOOL teacher/mom with all of 3 children/students. Not exactly big business. Oh well.
8. got too sick with a migraine to even teach my dinosaur class. And I LOVE those.
9. Turned 29


  1. hey it's you!! and I get to see you tonight! Hooray!!

  2. LOOK! BA posted! AND we get to see her tonight!

    I heart stardust.

    I hate migraines; had one on Wednesday. Totally get that ... ugh.

    Happy birfday!

  3. DANGIT!!! I can never keep track of your birthday!!! I always think it's in June!!!

    Aw man, I don't get to see you tonight.