Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Difference between Return Missionaries and Malificent...

I know this isn't REALLY how the priesthood works, but whenever a baby is given a blessing in church, I imagine fairy godmother gifts and try to see how the "spell" could go wrong down the road. I know that is silly, but I read too much. Like in Ella Enchanted how the fairy Lucinda gives her the gift of Obedience and so she HAS to obey whatever she is ordered which is why she has to obey her wicked step-family. And how Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne aka: Amy gets all those gifts and then the most powerful fairy makes her "Ordinary." (Or, you know, the basic "fall asleep if she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel" but, yeah.)

So, I went to church today, in the Padre's ward and there was a baby girl being named and blessed and blessed to be "energetic" and all I could think was "dude, she's gonna be so hyper!" My poor future husband (if I ever have one). If we ever have kids, I will be so nervous about the dang blessing I will probably make him tell me what he plans to pray for!

So, anyway, one of the guys in the circle was Walter of The Chums! Not to be confused with the Fringe, the Chums were a group of awesome friends back in my old 'hood. I know, I've moved a LOT. So technically there are a lot of old neighborhoods. But I USUALLY mean my favorite neighborhood. The one in Orem that I spent half of 5th grade through high school in, played night games (in the back yard of one of said Chums) in, met Mali in, got my dog Cassie in, etc. We liked it so much we lived there twice... 2 houses on the same block.

So, yeah. Not that I really KNEW knew Walter. I just know he was a Chum. And it made me miss Gina and the rest of the 3/5 Ward and that TIME. I have been really nostalgic lately. I miss... times. (And, on a semi-related note, I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. It sucks.)

So yeah. That was my Sunday. (I know, I am just SOOOO spiritually minded sometimes. But hey, I WENT. Even though I wanted to cry because I was hurting the whole time I DID go, so that is something.) And now I am going to go to bed so that I can wake up and maybe get some work done on the Fairchild Challenge project for work before my doctor's appointment. SIGH.


  1. Yep, definitely not a fan of daylight savings. Anything that causes me to lose an hour a sleep is my worst enemy.

  2. Man...I don't know Walter of the Chums either...but I miss that too. I miss goofin' off at night, playing Playmobil outside (and inside), running around with Cassie, building forts...*sigh*

    And yes, I want to abolish Daylight Savings.

  3. Oh by the way, I "bag tagged"'s on my latest blog :)