Monday, March 17, 2008


Family wards are weird.

Yes, I am going to church with my parents right now. Which is kind of awkward. Not that I was all THAT close to my Young Single Adult's Ward. But at least I was in the right AGE group. This just confused me I am sitting there next to my mom and dad and I saw this girl who was nice and smiled at me and she was sitting by her mom too and so I suddenly thought "maybe she'll be my friend."

Why did I think this? Because in my IdiotBrain we were both KIDS, you know, because we were sitting with moms. The difference? Oh, I don't know the fact that she actually IS a kid, and I am technically an adult? Yes. I seriously thought I was the same relative age as a 12 or 14 year old. Because, like a nerd I just thought "Hey she's with a mom, I'm with a mom, maybe she is my age." Realize that this stupidity only lasted for a moment, but it really happened and caused me to feel VERY dumb and look around at the congregation and decide that I pretty much see strangers in that way. Adults: Married people. Kids: Non-married people like me. And, apparently freaking teenagers if my brain turns off momentarily. Kiddlets: Elementary school kids I guess. The funny ones. Babies: The crying ones. Only cute from a distance. (unless they are the furry variety)

I have plenty of friends who are married... MOST in fact. And they don't make me feel like a stupid little kid. But strangers do, somehow. Like I just don't fit into the grown up world without either a hubby on my arm or barring that a high-flying career and feminist attitude.

I don't know. Blah.

But yeah, the ward... FUNNY! There is a baby blessing almost every week. And the child blessed's NAME? ANIME. The Grandpa giving the blessing tried to say it slow and spaced, like, Anna May, so the congregation would not know the mother (a young, unmarried girl my mom visit teaches) was such a nerd, but I SAW how she spelled it. The baby's name is Anime. HA HA!

Anyway, that was my Sunday.


  1. Hee hee hee this is one of those instances where we are different because while I am going to the family ward too, I look around and go "wow, there is nobody here that is my age and could be my friend." Even mom said it "You don't have any friends here." *sniffles*

    But I absolutely do NOT want to go to the 6th ward. I'm sorry, I refuse.

  2. Oh no ... Now I won't complain about hubby's name choices. After all, it could have been Anime. OR Druid ... or something else WoW related.

  3. oh wow-how I wish I could have been a fly on your chapel's wall.

    oh man, I just realized my ex's mom's name is AnnaMae/Animae...oh this is gonna make me giggle today.

    I hope Animae grows up and marries a Asian. That'd be SWEET!