Monday, November 7, 2011

BoyKid and Mason sitting in a tree

I feel bad having not mentioned it, because it was a big milestone in my little bro's life, and was quite the talk of our family.  And now it's over?

BoyKid had a girlfriend. Let's call her Mason for reasons she will never know.  She was the first "official" post-mission girlfriend he has had, and in only the space of a week they went from finally having a DTR and saying yes, we are boyfriend and girlfriend to her saying she was "equally" interested in someone else and breaking up. Poor BoyKid.  Poor Mom.  She has been talking about how well Mason would fit into our family, how it will be to finally have a kid-in-law, etc.  And, I'll be honest, I am not sure Mason won't be back.

I think Mom may be thinking, correctly, that BoyKid is her best chance at [non-fuzzy] grandchildren.  Rinny and I are pretty dang relationshiptarded.  Rinny MAY even be more screwed up than me, but with my health as it is, it's not like I am exactly dating.

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  1. This makes me sad for boykid because I want him to find the right girl and live happily ever after. But the key is, it needs to be the right girl and if Mason isn't she, then it is better to know that now.