Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dolly Envy

Messing around on Pinterest today. I keep looking at Blythe dolls. BECAUSE I WANT THEM.  What is it about useless (but fun) expensive things that makes me want them so much just so my relative poverty can smack me in the face?

Useless, but like a combination of toy and ART! *SIGH*

On the other hand, my grand idea of stempunking Cabbage Patch Kids (under the name Steamed Cabbages, mind you. The name is one of the best parts!) has not exactly taken off due to my complete and utter lack of skill at sewing the awesome doll clothes in my brain. BUYING the CPKs, that I can do. I have, now, a closetfull of naked Cabbage Patches awaiting new identities and no real talent to do what I want with them. And that pisses me off. WHY CAN'T MY HANDS DO WHAT MY MIND DOES?!

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