Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And I'm a Mormon.

Today is the start of General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This has been a BUSY week.  But I will get to that part later.  First, Conference.  There is the Saturday morning session, the Saturday morning session, the Priesthood session (just the men), the Sunday morning session, and the Sunday afternoon session. At our house we call it Pajama Church because it's broadcast on TV.  Even still, with my insomnia, the mornings are hard for me. Thank goodness for DVR!

But this time was super busy. BEFORE Saturday morning session I had to go to a work meeting. SOOOO EARLY.  I do NOT do early.  Rinny drove me.  She actually went in her pajamas.  I was in uniform, but hey, she is a boss, she can get away with being a slacker sometimes. ;)  The meeting was good... the gist was 1. we should be proud of where we work (I am. I love Thanksgiving Point.) 2. We are a not-for-profit and we are still not self sustaining, even for all that we charge. 3. We need a lot more money for the Museum of Natural Curiosity. Also, that the MONC will ROCK. 4. A spa and yoga studio will be opening on property, down by the art studio. (I didn't know that before!)

So by the time the meeting ended and Conference was starting I was exhausted and ready for a nap.  So I did.  (Yay for DVR)

[Image]I slept all through the 1st session.  Then the Saturday Afternoon session was about to start when we heard a LOT of sirens.  I assumed it was an accident til Padre said, "did you see what's going on?"  We went outside. In our quiet little Orem cul-de-sac there were AT LEAST EIGHT cops around our neighbor, They had tasered him and he was yelling, "Go ahead! Hit me again!" CRAZY!  We don't know what he did, but it must have been bad enough that they felt they needed more than half a dozen officers to arrest ONE GUY.

So, THAT was pretty exciting.  Then I watched conference.  There was so much good, true counsel.

Awesomely, Elder Bednar talked about tweeting, which was hilarious because many of us were watching while tweeting simlutaneously. “Your fingers have been trained to text and tweet to accelerate and advance the work of the Lord”

WHY is Twitter plus General Conference such a winning combination? I will tell you. It's like watching Conference with a room full of friends.  Some spiritual. Some snarky.  All with fun, differing viewpoints.  Much better than just watching with my family.  One of my favorite's being By Common Consent. Insightful AND funny.

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