Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cancer Sucks, Deaf Fest Doesn't

Today was more than usually productive! Go me!  Also, because I am dizzy and unable to drive or walk around unaided, Go BoyKid! And Go Rinny! Because they really helped.

The morning started with a baby shower for our friend Katie.  She is a "Chum" as in she is in a group of friends (Megan, Gina, and Katie) that were The Chums.  I LO

VE the Chums.  They all, every one of them, rock.  I associate them with knitting/crocheting, harmonicas, Muppets and all good things.  It is weird because now the Chums are doing things like, well, getting married, having kids, moving to other countries.  But I still love and admire them.

Katie's mother, Sue is also a really good friend of ours.  She is awesome.  She also has cancer.  This just breaks my heart. It seems like all the really awesome people are dealing with terrible things.  My former bishop's wife has Lou Gehrig's. My Uncle Ken has cancer. So does my Aunt Cheryl.

And that kind of crap is just a suck fest.

But what isn't a suck fest is seeing old friends. Plus also, they had good food... CREPES. Mmmmm... So it was great seeing a preggy Kate, her mom, Sue, and a few other people from the old 'hood (Gina's mom for one!)!  But NOT Mali, though that IS that 'hood, since she is still off being British. ;)  I went with Mom and we both did so with the balancing arm help of Rinny. Mom is always a little unbalanced due to the stroke. And I am wobbly as can be on the new med.  Bleh.  So Rinny was on double duty.

So after that I went home to count out ONE HUNDRED Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches to a guy who was buying them. Because it was such a big order I agreed to meet him part way, in Sugar House.  Only, like I've said... I can't DRIVE right now.  So BoyKid to the rescue!

He drove me to Sugar House.  And the roach guy? TOTAL hippie.  Like 2 foot long dirty blonde dreds and alluded to the fact that they are into that garbage picking food movement type hippie.  And his hippie chick and baby.  SUPER nice, mind you, and they were very excited to get the roaches (which they directly deposited into their shoulder bag and rode off on their bike), but definitely interesting characters.

Then we had 2 other goals while in SLC... Deaf Fest and Guitar Store.

Deaf Fest. A bunch of booths, a LOT of signing, and free ice cream!  Eavesdropping, I could understand a lot of what was going on... but I was pretty pathetic talking to people.  Obviously, I am going to need some review classes... and a lot of practice at home (watching stories at home, talking to myself in the mirror, and maybe signing up for an ASL MeetUp group).

But it was interesting!  I also got to tell BoyKid a lot of Deaf culture facts (to keep him from doing things like walking right between 2 signers, talking to interpreters instead of the Deaf, etc.) so it was good I at least remembered etiquette.  And they gave out free ice cream so he had fun, too. (He's easy to please!)

Then for him, we went to the Guitar Store.  He played with some guitars, looked at kay-poes (I am sure that's not how they are spelled. They are a guitar thing.) Then we headed home.

OH AND I quilled some cards for church... birthdays, 1 funeral... and one for Katie.

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