Monday, September 19, 2011

Yarrrrrgh! Hamsters!!!!

It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties! And I would be true to this day celebratin' the buccaneer, but me head be swimmin' like sharks and my stomach is churning like the waves of the briney blue.  So I am to belay this silliness and talk like a landlubber!

I have been SOOOOO SICK today.  I have been dreading work tomorrow (when I even think about it... mostly I just don't think. I just sit around in a stupor.  I drink Gatorade, eat saltine crackers, and watch DVRed Psychs. But I do not do a whole lot of prep work for story time.).  I finally drew some Brachiosaurus heads, made a sample, too.  The other thing I am not doing that I should be doing is writing an Examiner article.  Right now I am writing something about hamsters.  I am also trying to talk my fam into letting me have a friend's (well, a friend/coworker's daughter's) little male Robo.

Though what I want more, and what I am in major negotiations for is a hedgehog.  Dad says I can have one... IF I get rid of my tortoise, Bratanik.  I tell him, No, I love Bratanik. He says, he's boring, etc. I tell him, he's not supposed to be exciting. He's a tortoise. And I love him. I love to watch him eat (he reminds me of a dinosaur). I love that I rescued him and made him healthy. I love to teach kids the difference between a turtle and tortoise and let them touch them.  I know that Bratanik doesn't love me. He is a TORTOISE. But I love HIM.

But I am trying to talk him into, if he is so intent on "trading," trading my tank of hermit crabs.*

*and maybe sort of secretly keeping the crabs but keeping them in a small 10 gallon in my room because like he'd even notice anyway. Shhhh....  ;)

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