Monday, September 5, 2011

Migraine of All Migraines!

It is so hot in here right now. Ugh. So tomorrow, if my head can stand it, we are trying out our new Pass of All Passes at 7 Peaks.  BoyKid was the instigator.  He got one to go with friends, mostly to the Trafalga that used to be Liberty Land. They have laser tag there and mini-bowling. Then he convinced me, Rinny, and Padre to buy in.  It is good for NEXT summer, too, but tomorrow is the last day to go to 7 Peaks this year.  So we are going tomorrow morning.  But I should seriously go to bed to even have a chance.
So much for THAT. Had a horrid night.  Leg cramps and very little sleeping. So when the boys were ready to go to the water slides, I pretty much felt like crap on a cracker. So no, I did NOT go. 

Major headache, major Fibro pain.  Drank some of that cramp drink... I can't remember the name of it, but it is supposed to help with spasms.  I hate it. It tastes kind of mediciney. But I think it might help. I HOPE.

So, yesterday I got a new assignment with my calling (for those of you who don't go to my church, "callings" are like jobs in church you are asked to do. You don't get paid (not even the Bishop (kinda like a pastor)).  It's sort of a volunteer thing, except that they pick you. Of course, you can accept or not.).  I am currently sort of "Publicity" for Relief Society (women's organization). I make all the posters for our activities. Also, now I am making the birthday cards for all the women.  The presidency writes them, I decorate the front.  With quilling.  Because I love quilling. :OD

Next big news, BoyKid is AUDITIONING FOR DIVINE COMEDY!  Not Dante's. BYU's.  They are seriou

sly hilarious.  I love their shows. I love their songs!  Firebolt. Single Ladies.  FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY. I think my very funny little brother is a SHOE IN.  The audition is free to watch, Thursday 8-10 at TNRB (Turner Building? Maybe?) 151.  WOOT!!!

Aaaaaaand a few hours later, I finally put on my big girl panties and left the d**n HOUSE.  Headache or not, I went with the family to Pirates 4.  It was fun. Not great, but pretty cool.  Then I bawled the whole way home about how much of a suckfest my life is with this headache.  I just... ugh.

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  1. I LOVE that card!!! What a beautiful quote and those flowers are so cute!! I want to make something like that!