Monday, June 30, 2008

Fringe on the Farm

I miss the Fringe! It was so funny to see Parker and Risa! Like I think I even talked to Risa as much as Parker! Yay for Fringe-in-Law and yup, Mini-Fringe. HellBaby is now a little girl not a baby who whines a lot and apparently only likes things that are girls. LITERALLY "Don't worry, Helen! It's a GIRL pony." "No, Helen, it's not scary, these are GIRL goats." She still whined a lot. On the other hand, the baby, Tommy, is really smart and talks quite a bit for a 1 year old. And WASN'T whining the whole time. Boys are cooler.

But Hell WAS obsessed with SUE, a particular dinosaur at the Chicago Field Museum. (You may have heard of her. Sue is FAMOUS. I knew about her, anyway.) And so we had to relate all of the dinosaurs to her. "This is Sue's friend..." But then when she realized it was a DIFFERENT T-Rex at OUR museum she started to cry and got really homesick. This is their first family trip. *rolls eyes* ANyway, had to give her SOME props for being into dinosaurs. hee hee!

Anyway... PICTURES.

Yes, that is MommyDearest, PARKER'S mom with us. DON'T ASK.


  1. So she lives up to her nickname then? That's exciting....

  2. Yep. But well, look at her DAD.