Sunday, May 29, 2011


Pain in the arm, 
pain in the back,
pain in the head,
pain in the <3, 
pain in the a***! 

All of the above.

It started with my head.  I have been having such a horrible time with my migraines.  I was going to class with sunglasses on, taking many meds, and just hurting so bad.  So I went to my physical therapist, who IS really good. He is!  He really helps and I would DEFINITELY recommend him.  However, I think he may have inadvertently pulled a muscle REALLY bad in my upper arm and back.  It hurt when he was working on me (but it often does) but then the next day, Friday I couldn't even move my arm it hurt so bad. And it's just gotten worse. 

It hurts really bad in my tricep, and into my boob, and the outside of my scapula.  I can do nothing with it and breathing in deeper than a tiny bit of air makes me cry.  I went to the doctor, the only one open on a Saturday, and they gave me pain pills and told me to rest it a few days and get it checked out if it doesn't start to feel better.  Well, it's feeling WORSE.  But Monday is a holiday, so I will have to wait till Tuesday to see anyone.  But at that time I think I am going to get an MRI done because it doesn't feel like a strain or anything... maybe a pinched nerve.  Whatever it is, it hurts like HELL. Pardon my French.

And then there is my heart.

No, it doesn't hurt physically, but Ola, my sweet Ola... it just looks like he needs to go back to Africa.  There are huge things happening in his country right now, and he is a leader, a pioneer for the Church and representative of the downcast.  I know it sounds bizarre but truly, he has much more important things in store for him than he would with me. His people need him even more than I do.  That's what you get for falling for an amazing revolutionary. But it hurts, and I don't know that I will get to Spain before he leaves.  Our finances don't look like it.  But I think I will always love him.

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