Saturday, May 21, 2011

For a Year and a Day...

Sounds like how long it's been since I blogged. Oh wait, that would be more like FOREVER and a day.  But really, this evening I went to a friend's handfasting.  It's mostly a Pagan ceremony and is sort of a temporary/trial marriage.  They are married for a year and a day then can decide to be married for forever then, or walk away. It was very interesting.  They lit various colors of candles in a certain order than symbolized different things (there was a member of the wedding party who served as sort of a narrator to explain what everything meant which was cool.) had a "sacred circle," drank some Martinelli's (instead of wine), and then tied their hands together, supposedly for 48 hours (but they are going to cheat because they have a baby to take care of.).

It was really interesting.  I have this thing about other religions and cultures.  I love them!  Do I love my own, too?  Of course. And more than that I believe it is true (religion. Not culture.  There is no such thing as a true culture!) so I follow it, to the best of my ability.  But I just think learning about others is so fun.

Earlier today I had another adventure.  Monday is World Turtle Day and I really wanted to get a picture or 2 the green sea turtle at Living Planet for my Examiner article.  You know the one that escaped a shark and a boat accident and lived?  She is cool!  However, my pictures weren't so awesome.  So I ended up using one of the new musk turtle they have.  Anyway, I really wanted to get the aquarium to see the turtles and everything else and write about it.  So I did!  I went to "Strut Your Mutt" in the morning for school, but having no mutt to strut, I left and went to the Aquarium. 

I love the aquarium.  I love the seahorses, the jellyfish, and the penguins.  I love petting the stingrays.  I love hearing kids ask questions.  I love the new exhibits with glow-in-the-dark scorpions and colorful geckos.  It is just a fun place to hang out.  And since I just renewed my yearly membership, I will be going back.  So, if you are bored and feel like looking at some pretty cool critters and want some company, well, I'm game.


  1. I always enjoy learning about other cultures and religion. People would view that as not being content with my own culture & religion...but it DOES help break down ignorance. I was talking with my Institute directors and we had a Passover dinner. How awesome is that?! When else would LDS YSA get that opportunity??

  2. I love when religious individuals participate in others beliefs (i.e. the Passover dinner which I also had an opportunity to have). I also really like the idea of handfasting. Not for a temporary trial period but the notion of having yourself completely linked to that one person is just such a nice, romantic idea. Call me old-fashioned...or pagan ha ha. :D

    Very cool that you got to go.