Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lists and a Hedgehog and Rats

Things I think my future kids will say
  • I don't have to obey you, you're not my real mom!
  • What's a Walkman?
  • Can I take one of your animals to school for show and tell?

Things I want for Christmas
Things I am really tired of
This headache. This plus 3 month long migraine
Living at the padre's
Not being a real part of this ward because I don't stay the whole time because my head hurts and stuff

So I MAY be GETTING that Hedgehog, and early.  I am talking to a girl who has a perfect one named Mr. Ouwie that needs a new home.  He is darling. I don't know about having him early, as I am going through all this USDA stuff, but he is going to need to be registered too anyway because I definitely want him to be part of Critters 2 Go!  Anyway, I am texting the girl about the little guy back and forth tonight. 

Meanwhile, I HAVE RATS. 2 truly darling little girls that if I could I would keep but I can't so I am looking for someone awesome to love them.  Because I already adore them and they deserve it.

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