Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fable 2

Big Fable now has a new home with a woman named London who knows all his quirks and unlike my family is not scared of his biting.  I have cried about it but am now okay with it, just don't tell Squall's kids JanBrady and Mini-Squall.

I feel REALLY guilty for THEM.  But hopefully Baby Fable looks enough like him that they won't be able to tell. Because SHE is just PRECIOUS and taming down VERY well.  She is a lot smarter than Big Fable too and has learned the wheel, the ball, and we are now working on potty-training.  She is a doll!

The rats, too, have a great home with Kayla.  So glad because I was so attached to them. I love rats. If I didn't have gliders I think I would totally have rats.

So my rescuing for the time being is complete.  When I have a house of my own I am sure it will start up again but for now all my pets are now my own.  And I am TOTALLY enjoying their antics. Baby Fable is a hoot.

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