Monday, October 18, 2010

Letter-versery and Writer's Block

WHY CAN'T I WRITE?!  ARGH!  I have 2 articles that I am semi-Jazzed about writing. One about pumpkins (more fun than it sounds) one about the Feline Conservation Federation.  And yet, I am totally suffering writer's block. Big time.

One thing that is kind of cool. To me anyway. It is like my Letter-versery tomorrow.  One year ago today MyNigerian and I started writing regularly.  Dang but I love that boy.  I hope he can be patient.

Thing-a-Day: I know that was meant to be for creative endeavors.  But for me, I call TADs doing ANYTHING because so often my head and other medical crap keeps me doing NOTHING.  So anyhow TAD: I totally redid my Crabitat and the crabs are totally running around checking it out.  And, yay, my little surface molting streaker is back in a shell and looking healthier.  And JACK, my awesome leopard gecko is acting healthy!  And since I was scared to death he was going to die when his cage looked like a murder scene.  But whatever it was, he seems to be okay now. I am so glad. He hates me... or rather he wants to eat me... but I love him.

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