Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chuck it!

Watching DVRed Chucks, crying my heart out (not ABOUT Chuck. About LIFE), with my glider pouch around my neck so I have my 3 babies close to me as I can.  Having a REALLY hard day.  The Headache is still here, Botox be damned. Really really discouraging.  I miss MyNigerian as he can't chat often. I miss leaving my (parent's) house. I miss LIVING in MY house (you know, that place my roommate lives?). 

Things I am grateful for today:
Writing for the Examiner (I got my first paycheck!  50 bucks! WOOT!)
Fable the Chinchilla
Heber, Nani, and Lilo, my babies
Jack is alive!
the Gospel is TRUE
The ability to type out my thoughts rather than letting them consume me like pirahnas
Pumpkin Seeds. Go tryptophan!

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