Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Chinchilli Day?

Today was my cousin's kid, Chad's, mission homecoming talk at church.  He did a good job... he also did a good job serving the Lord for 2 years.  I am proud of him. It's weird how OLD everyone is.  His big sister has a new baby... the same sister I remember as a cute 2 year old living in my grandma's basement in Sandy.  Makes me feel downright elderly.

It is hard with all the cousins (and 1st cousins once removed!) having kids, living "grown up" lives.  And I am still so dependent on my padres.  With not being able to work right now, my head still being what it is, I'd be utterly screwed with out parental support in a big way. :(

I love my padres.  I appreciate how they support me. But I wish they didn't have to.

The OTHER excitement of the day is Fable, that BRAT of a chinchilla, escaped. DANG is he FAST! It took me half an hour to catch him and he was in plain sight!  Crazy rodent.

I just finished The Loud Silence of Francine Green and it wasn't awesome but it was pretty good.  And it made me think.  Yes, it's a kid's book but it still made me think.  About the parallels between the McCarthy Communism trials  and the black listing of pro-Prop 8 in the entertainment industry. Now I am watching M*A*S*H* until bedtime.  Unfortunately I have no audiobook for tonight.  Time for a library run.  Until then I will just listen to one I one, like one of the Tennis Shoes series or Ella Enchanted.

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