Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saying Goodbye

My very last weekend with Josie. It was decided awhile ago, but that doesn't make it easier. And it almost came much sooner because the WeatheredLeatheredFarmLady asked me to leave her there. "Let her be a goat." I asked if I could wait till Monday as planned. Reluctantly, WLFL agreed, rolling her eyes. But she agreed. So on Monday Josie WON'T be coming back to sleep at the house. She'll be sleeping (or yelling a lot and keeping the other animals awake) at the farm now.

Today is the last day I will have my baby girl.

But YESTERDAY was the Family Reunion for my Mom's Side! Woohoo! Well, Woohoo and simultaneously UGH. But I will explain. And it's not just the normal "Ugh this is a long boring family event" type ugh. Because, well, I had both Breaking Dawn and Josie the Amazing to entertain me if my cousins and their kids didn't (or rather, if my stupid anxiety made me anti-social around my own dang family... it's not THEIR fault I get weird.). *sigh* But anyway...

We went to the same park we went to last year. We had picnic lunches and listened to some remarkably good music (I don't know for SURE which cousin did the CDs (I think Camille (Aunt K and Uncle Ken's daughter... Brady's sister) but I think we should share playlists!) OH! Then my favorite best friend/cousin, Meggy came! Megs and Jakey are all into the Olympics especially (not surprisingly) the horse stuff. Megan told us about this cool horse, Poggio, who was a PACK horse and now is an Olympian! WAY awesome stuff! Megan knows lots of cool stuff!

The cousins' kiddlets (and some of the cousins) got crazy on a Slip 'n' Slide and someone accidentally broke the park's DRINKING FOUNTAIN. Yeah, that was wild.

Josie played with the kids and kept me psychologically anchored. Kids played in the stream and caught water skeeters. Parents talked. The Zoobies remind me more of the Weasleys everyday. JD and Waunita's kid brought a Beardie, though and wanted info on how to raise Mealies... the Beardie was a TINY baby. I gave them much more info than they wanted I am sure. I want a Bearded Lizard someday. I will name it Stanley Yelnats. Rinny threw football with Padre and then took a nap. And she really liked Josie. Also Shandy's Mini-Shandy LOVED her. BTW, Mini-Shandy's dad (I think... I am not ACTUALLY sure all the kids are his?) was there too and seems to be a VERY nice guy and a stable influence on Shandy. Yay for good guys!

It was all pretty fun until most of the family left and we were about to leave when the stupid car decided it was being stolen. It does that OFTEN, the alarm going off and not letting us turn it off. But this time it would NOT relent. It wouldn't turn off OR let the car start.

Calling the DEALER didn't work. Popping the hood and having the cousin-in-law with a questionable background try to disable it did not work. We had to get it to TOWED! It was an ordeal. But Uncle John and fam were awesome enough to drive us home... but Josie was TRAPPED IN THE TOWED CAR! I was so stressed the whole time. I cried when we got home till Padre got her back. This is not how I wanted to spend my last days with her... AWAY from her?! I am going to miss my baby so much.


  1. Awwww...hang in there. Josie will be forever grateful for the start you gave her.

  2. oh ... BA, I'm sorry. :(

  3. I LOVE the nicknames for people. They made me laugh out loud. I'm just glad that mine conjures up thoughts of He-Mans' buff girlfriend and not something that gets walked all over.

    I'm sorry we missed the fun of the car incident. The boys would have loved letting Josie hitch a ride with us.

  4. Yeah. The Nicknames are a feeble attempt at anonymity for people who might NOT want to be mentioned in the Blog.Like Aunt Doormat and Uncle Slime. (But, being FAM, YOU know who they are and know why. Yeah, I kinda dish it here... not in the spirit of gossip, mind you. More just, this is my journal. But I let people read it. MOST of those people don't know the people I write about. And those that do I trust won't tell those I talk about. It's like Vegas! What happens in the Blog, stays in the Blog! Or Blogger Patient Confidentiality or something. hee hee hee!

    OH, and P.S. Dude, T-La, SheRa was totally HeMan's TWIN SISTER! Hee hee hee! (Yes, I know way more than is healthy about 80s cartoons. Don't get me started on Thundercats.)

  5. awwe, this is too hard to read! poor josie!