Friday, July 4, 2008

Remedial Citizenship?

The 4th of July here in America. Okay, fine, so it's 4th of July everywhere... except, ya know, for time zones. Independence Day. There. Hee hee!

This week we have all been deep in the week long Robotics camp which SOUNDS fun but is in fact... okay, a little fun, but mostly hellishly frustrating. Plus, THIS camp and location is not goat friendly and I know it sounds pathetic, I MISSED my Josie Girl!!! Seriously! My mom tended her and when I came home she would trot up all cute bleating all happy and I scooped her up. I love that little kid. So just being done with THAT is very good. And today I played with her all day... including being semi-invited to a family picnic.

Okay, so the FAM was invited to a thing with the Aunty O crew, but we were gonna be there over 2 different bottle times. So I told Mom I would just stay home... but she called and asked if it would be okay if Josie came and they said "Uhh... that should be fine..." Not exactly an enthusiastic invitation for my baby (understandably so... really, I know. I mean, "hi, can we bring a goat to your party?" But she is my baby right now...) BUT they were super nice... and I am pretty sure her cuteness... especially letting the kiddlet cousins feed her bottles (all the parents took pictures), and seeing her run with the kids alongside the Slip-n-Slide and playing with them all (it's fun for her to be with little folks closer to her own size. hee hee) ... won EVERYONE over!

She is pretty dang adorable after all.

Then some of the cousins and kiddlets left because they were off to Stadium of Fire to see the Fireworks and the little girls were in a frenzy over getting to see miss Hannah Montana herself. (I would like to see Blue Man Group, but the last time I actually went to Stadium of Fire it was All 4 One. hee hee! Yeah, it's been awhile.)

Anyway, we had a pretty good time and everyone is getting so old! I remember when Brett and Annie lived with us in our house in Provo when they first got married... now they have, like, 5 kids. Very cute ones, too. And Alisha, who actually lived in GRANDMA'S basement (even though they are the other side of the fam) when she was, like, 2 was there with her fiancé! I can't BELIEVE they are old enough. ('specially they both look, like, 14.) It was weird to realize how big the little ones are getting. Wacky.

Then we went home to watch the Padres' "Neighborhood of Fire"... or rather we WENT and then Josie and I took off because I was done with family and my head hurt and I was not feeling all that cool right then. And Josie should be in bed. So here I am, HEARING fireworks, blogging, and feeling my little goat asleep on my foot.

OH, and in honor of our countries birthday, it's a dang good thing I was BORN here. Because for kicks and giggles I took a citizenship quiz.
"You answered 45% of questions correctly. Here's your rating:

45-60%: Not too bad, but you really need to break out the civics books again -- word is, the INS is looking for an 80 percent score."

Happy Birthday, America. Sorry for sucking! hee hee hee!


  1. I only got 55%, but I second-guessed myself and changed 4 or 5 answers or I'd've done better. Poop.

  2. Woo! 95%! Glad I made it otherwise I would be freaked out about the INS...I'm just that paranoid.

  3. I got an 85%...not bad. The senator one was tough...I had it down to four or six years & chose incorrectly, of course...

  4. Social Studies never was my subject. I like the STORIES but any numbers associated with them were arbitrary, etc.

  5. rofl, I love it! Yeah, I'm not a great citizen either. Glad HI was annexed before I was born.