Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And Then.

I have been sick and Depressed.
And then...
Josie got rather sick and I got MORE Depressed.
And THEN...

My house flooded. (Yes, AGAIN. Only this time worse, as this time it has to do with the sewer main. In other words, poop and pee that was FLUSHED came UP INTO MY BATHTUB and even WORSE into the drain in my laundry room... and then family room and bedroom and glider room...

In short, I can't use the water in my house. Nor can our Neighbors. We have no water and my home has sewage in it. We can't wash dishes or take showers. So once again, I am going to the Padres... goat and gliders in tow... to stay for what sounds like may be as long as TWO WEEKS now. As I was hearing 3 days, yesterday, this is not a good thing.

It started like this. I was already all stressed out because I really needed to get to work early. Monday's day camp? SpongeBob Science. And before actually teaching the truth about the biological counterparts of the Bikini Bottoms crew I really needed to:
*Get the Hermit Crabs set up at the Discovery Gardens classroom (Mr. Krabs' got nothing on my little cuties for holding kids' interest, I tell you! ).
*Give Josie her breakfast bottle, and put her lunch bottle in the farm fridge before leaving her at "Day Care" (the sheep pen!).
*Get some last minute supplies to CrazyConnie (who still rocks, p.s.) because Rinny is doing some extensions office thing in Logan. She's all busy right now being famous, too. She has been on the news a few times being all Rinny-ish for the PR people (they like her) on behalf of Thanksgiving Point even though she is just Education, technically. But they have sort of been using her as the poster girl for, well, WHATEVER! So, when Good Things asked for TGP's CHEFS to come, TGP said, "yeah, see, the Chefs don't WANT to be on TV. How about Corinne does some day camp stuff instead?" And they decided okay. You can watch it here. The best part is when the news chick chokes on peanut butter. (I really wish I could SAVE it. It is about to disappear off the site!)

So I was HURRYING to get to work when I stepped in a PUDDLE in my hall. A BIG puddle. My first thought was "Josie, how the heck did you..." but then realized this was way beyond the extent of my little goat's bladder. I was running out the door, and called my padre's, on the verge of bawling. "I think my house is flooding and I am late to work! Can you check my house please?"

Well, they said yes, but apparently DIDN'T rush right over... and by the time SpongeBob Science was over and I could call home Mom had BAD news. The whole hall, bedroom, glider room and part of the family room had flooded with yucky sewer and drain water. All of it has to be replaced. These guys, an EXCAVATION CREW, are coming to take out the main line. There are cracks.

So, yeah, you might say I am struggling just a little.


(Thanks Sherpa!)

(when I first read the title of Sherpa's Blog entry with those 2 Sesame Street clips "Feist on Sesame Street" My first dumb thought was "THE CAT?!" Yeah. Because Josie's pussycat friend would be on Sesame Street. THAT makes sense. heehee)


  1. you can embed (post) that video... that might save it for a while!

  2. oh and that feist thing cracks me up! I love the original song. lol

  3. I tried but it gave me, like, a crazy code that didn't seem to work in blogger. <:O(

  4. Oh, man! If it's not one thing it's another it seems ... hugs BA.

  5. wee-todd-ed! In other news... holy crap! (haha).... oh my goodness, chica... I just don't even know what to say. I should stop complaining.

  6. Gah! *hugs* You're in my prayers & on the roll here in SL...hang in there (you always do!)...

  7. Corinne is as cute as ever, I laughed as well about the peanut butter, I have a craving now for peanut butter playdough and remarkably that is not dampened by the horrifyingly graphic account of your place. That is so dismal, I'm sorry! Hope you and Josie get better soon!

  8. so sorry to hear about the sewage in your house!

    i love, though, that you posted that discovery channel commercial, though -- it makes me so happy. and very oddly, i literally just a few moments ago put a link to it in kami's comments (see her comments to find out why). crazy!

  9. ok...so here's a happy thought...Remember the one Halloween we shared in the Hangover house? Ok, let's just think back to "WHAT THE HECK WAS KELLY FOR HALLOWEEN?"...so glad I took pictures: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b54/ehulanisalote/KellyHalloween.jpg

    or the night we drove around Provo w/ Brigham the Bear waving at everybody...most especially the part where everybody waved back at him!

  10. sheesh... what the heck WAS she for halloween? because that is a scary picture!!

    p.s. we still love you!!