Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Playing Tag with a goat, a clown, and a clarvoyant

I got this from My friend from our Yahoo group the MormonView, Mother Goose.

1. My critters
2. My Friends
3. Those warm, quiet times when I actually remember how much God loves me and the truth of the Gospel. The Church is a very very good thing.

3 Fears
1. Living the rest of my life the way I am now.
2. the death or suffering of my loved ones
3. speaking in public.

3 Goals
1. Lose weight for better fitness and better diabetes control!
2. Become financially independant
3. get my dang house ORGANIZED!!!!!

3 Current obsession/ Collection
1. Josie the Amazing Circus Goat!

2. Sugar Gliders. Have you seen my babies? They are beautiful.
3. BOOKS. I am addicted to reading.

3 Random Surprises about me
1. I used to be obsessed with ghost stories and the supernatural when I was a little kid. My mom was super worried I would grow up creepy. I held séances in our garage when I was 7 and stuff. Yes, I was a WEIRD kid.
2. I used to be a clown for birthday parties. I can twist balloons. Yes, really.
3. I sometimes do not take meds I should just to find out if I still need them. Ummm... I DO.


  1. you did grow up creepy.... just kidding!! I thought you STILL liked that stuff. lol

  2. That goat (I almost wrote "donkey" - ha!) is unbelievably cute. You should submit the pic with her and Feist to cuteoverload.com!

  3. Well, I DO... but only as stories and movies. I don't MESS with it. I don't hold seances, play with Ouija boards, or try random witchcraft. I have leveled it down to, like, Harry Potter books, scary-but-not-Satanic movies, and twisting balloon animals.

    And yes, Josie IS unbelievably cute. Especially her and and the kitten... 2 tiny fluffies.

  4. I had the wrong blog for you on my list. I went and added this one too! Oh my goodness, this had me rolling! You are so funny. Especially about not taking meds and then realizing you still need them. THAT IS SOOOO ME! I'm a bit moody and edgy. The family asks me Did you take your happy pills?