Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's hear it for Mamas!

This has been a great Mother's Day. All of us kids went to Mom's ward for church.  Including me! I had a headache but made it through.   It was so good to talk about moms, motherhood, and even just having a "mother heart."   It was a very good Sunday. Then they gave all the woman 18 and up (weather they were moms or not) chocolates! YUMMY!

BoyKid and I have been sitting around composing lyrics to one of his many songs on his guitar. I must admit, the kid has TALENT.  Especially his "Wedding Song" and "Shoes."  Good stuff.  Eventually, if he can pull together a band OR get enough confidence to realize he is good enough not to NEED a band he is going to have a good little run of fame.  LITTLE mind you, but MAYBE big as Colors. Maybe.  I have been wearing the little crown I bought at Renaissance Faire all day because *blush* it makes me feel special.  I offered it to Mom to wear because HELLO, MOTHER'S day but she only wore it to receive her present then wanted it off claiming it was uncomfortable, but personally *I* don't mind it at all. Hmmmm...

We gave her a plate we made her at Color Me Mine.  We had our 3 names on it.  She liked it, of course. :)

Yesterday I went with Megs and Rinny to the Renaissance Faire. I was dressed as a Peasant Fairy. I had red butterfly wings. I got a picture with a bunch of other fairies. There was jousting on horses, sword fighting, and wandering sing minstrels. Rinny dressed as a fancy lady. Megan was going to have a costume but at the last moment had to in normal clothes, but as a joke she wore a baseball cap that said "Princess" on it. We had a lot of fun! I was having so much fun, I forgot to get out my camera very much!  But I still got a few pictures that I will put up on Facebook.
Anyway, now BoyKid and I are going to watch Little Mermaid while mom goes and relaxes and reads.  She is going to read The Help, then I am.  *I* am reading the last Fablehaven. :D Yup. hee hee hee!


  1. Hey, where was this at?!? I LOVE those things!

  2. Oooo...The Help is a rather socially-forward choice. I enjoyed it with all my little Democrat heart.

  3. CarrieAnne, it's NEXT weekend too. And it is in Marriot-Slaterville. This site has a map.

    Stephanie, that is funny to hear because we are reading it as our WARD bookclub selection!