Sunday, May 16, 2010

Critters and Ola. Yup, Luv.

True to my title Life of a Crazy Cat Lady (Sans Cats) this weekend I tentative have adopted another critter into my life and I already adore her.  Squall's little girls, JanBrady and Mini-Squall had a chinchilla named Snowflake at their Dad, G's house.  And he decided to dump it to I have her now.  I have borrowed her a few times already to do Critters 2 Go.  But now she is mine (until my Padre flips out.  He KNOWS, but is just sorta grumbling and accepting).  I am also re-naming her Fable, except around the Squalls kiddlets.  She is hopping around the tent with her new toys and just being the adorable, semi-mind-less fluffball she is.  I lWUVSHER!

And speaking of LOVE, MyNigerian pulled me out of a very deep Depression hole this week after I have been sick and I am just so grateful for him I wanted to cry today.  Instead I prayed.  Because SAYING thank you is a lot better than crying it. hee hee!  He is such a blessing.

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