Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pretty Sure a Cat is mandatory when you are 30 and single

Yet again I am behind in my writing, so here is a little recap of my recent life changes...

I turned 30. And Befriended a cat. Figures, eh?

My awesome friends threw me a surprise party! I got 30 of all kinds of little things. 30 little plushies, 30+ bubble gum coins, 30+ ring pops, etc. We played on the Wii on the Big Screen, and I got an action figure of Hiro from Heroes who I crush (I'm a nerd, yeah) and SoftLips and yummy cake. Also really yummy food that I could really only suck on due to the pain in my teeth at the time but it was the thought that counted and they were AWESOME.

I got a few MORE root canals and realized I can no longer go to regular dentist for this stuff, even good ones. My problems are too complicated. I hate my teeth.

My fam got me a pass to the Aquarium which rocks since it's very near my Endodontist. So I have been able to use it OFTEN. Those stingrays are gonna start RECOGNIZING me, I tell ya!
I love it. Plus, this now makes it both Living Planet AND the Zoo that I have a pass too. Since I WORK at Thanksgiving Point (though I haven't been able to go in for forever), about the only animals I CAN'T see anytime I want are those at Secret Garden in Vegas. I need a membership THERE now! HA!

Now I am dealing with a craptastic stomach thing. As usual we don't know what it is, except that I had some really bad test results in the ER last awhile ago, which led to a colonoscopy and endoscopy yesterday and a liver biopsy planned for Friday. But right now I am just on lots of meds, and hurting a lot.

I am still living at the parents' and neglecting my OWN apartment (and my turtle and tortoise. :O( Bummer.) where the Roomie is. My best friend at this house is totally that cat, even though I am really a dog person.

And I am totally digging all things Steampunk. A beautiful combination of history and science fiction... and making technichal things look old and weird and lovely.... AND talking all British and saying things like "What what" and "By Jove!".... WHY am I late to this party?!


  1. Biopsy? Dang...

    I'm glad you enjoyed your party.

  2. I love reading your blog, you have such an amazing way with words!
    I hope that the tests come back providong some sort of positive solution for you! You're a star!