Tuesday, June 1, 2010

balloons and boys

Last night at work I tied balloon animals for a few hours.  It was a little crazy and the folding chair about KILLED my back but over all I had fun and the kids were all impressed with my skills, meager though they are.  I have decided to add that to my Critters to Go site as something I can do for parties... but NOT the SAME parties I am doing the animal shows at because that could just get a little out of control.  Seriously, animals, balloon twisting, facep ainting... throw in a little juggling and a unicycle and I can be a one person circus!

I don't really plan for Crittters 2 Go to ever be a JOB job... but I am hoping maybe to get to where it might pay enough to feed my critters.  Then they will sort of pay for themselves and I won't have to worry about feeling guilty having these expensive pets while my hubby and I are basically dirt poor because, yeah, we will be.

But I LOVE Ola.  He is amazing.  And if we have to be pretty pathetically poor, well... I'd rather be poor WITH him than well-off with out him. That's the thing.

I Hope hope hope our family gets that Italy/Spain trip this year. It's kind of killing us not to see each other and be together in person.

But moving on to the OTHER main man in my life at present, it turns out my chinchilla, Fable is a BOY.  Yup.  (Figured that one out when he humped my hand. Became QUITE clear, but anyway...)  And he is HILARIOUS!  Put him in a tent with a blanket and he will spend the whole time either pushing the blanket into different corners (he's a HUGE fan of Feng Shui!), redecorating his space.... or running in spastic circles. It's too funny. Who knew I adopted an interior decorating rodent?  Also, he LOVES those dust baths.  Which is really fun to watch.  He has just been a crack up so far.  And I don't care WHAT Padre thinks. I am NOT just keeping him till I find him a home. He's FOUND it. Fable is my new baby!

Okay, I am gonna go read some scriptures because MyNigerian invited me to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days for the summer on Facebook, and knowing him he will check on me about it everyday. That's 1st Nephi 1-3 all today so I better get crackin'. But I love this church. I love that MAN. And, yeah, I love that chinchilla. What of it?

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